Rick's Recipes



Welcome to another hobby of mine, cooking and baking.
I've been told I'm pretty good at it and would like to share a few of my best.
I should post a warning before I begin to the fact that I use real food ingredients,
such as, cows milk and butter.
Unbleached flour and hen's eggs. Sea salt and organic sugar and, in general,
the 'real things' so,
if you're allergic to or have issues with the real stuff,
you may have to substitute ingredients.
Unfortunately, it will definitely influence the tastes and outcome but, if you must...
That said, let's take a look at the menu...


                                     Baked Macaroni Shells & Cheese

                                     Chicken Vegetable Soup with Rice

                                     Chocolate Chip Cookies

                                     Hot Chocolate or Cocoa

                                     Oyster Stew

                                     Shrimp and Pasta Delight

                                     Split Pea Soup

                                     Taco Meat Mix

                                     Vanilla Puddin' Plus

                                     Waffles Plus